We want to help you shine

We believe in radical transparency and we want to be transparent in how to succeed when you apply to us

In your application

  • We think a resume should fit on two pages, prioritize and make sure we get a good overview in that space. Start with the most recent experience, always include dates (down to month). For education a general overview is enough. For techie positions; it's great to have a technical overview as well.

  • If you would like to boost you chances with us, write a cover letter who reflects YOU! We don’t need “sirs and madams” but more of “I would fit in this role because...” and don’t forget to show you personality!

  • If you claim something in your resume or cover letter, prove it to us by giving concrete examples

  • If you don’t live in the country where the job you are applying to is located, please explain what your re-location plan is. 

Prepare for the meeting

  • Expect tests; all our developers will have to do some sort of technical task and most hires will be asked to take a personality and capacity test. We will always tell you in advance if there will be a test or technical interview

  • We practice competence-based interviews and you will be asked questions like "Tell us about a situation where you showed great team work skills". You will be expected to give examples so think of your top qualities and how to show case them


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